About Us

   Founded in 2008, The zen-reborn brand has continued to design & manufacture RebornDoll in  United States, for over 11 years.

We received a respection from a mother who lost her kid.She wanted us to draw doll which liked her kid.We use three months to finish the  doll .Our dolls helped these mothers and gave them hopes.

Our dolls are made of the safest silicone materials, which are the best quality raw materials imported from Malaysia. This material enhances the doll's sense of reality, making the doll feel infinitely close to human skin, bringing the ultimate touch. Our artists painted them with blood vessels and skin that made them look exactly like children; We want our customers to feel like they are hugging their children when they receive our dolls.

“zen-reborn” ensures 100% satisfaction. We are confident that you will be happy to buy a doll.  Our goal is not only to help you build your doll collection at an affordable price, but also to provide you with a doll with lasting value and quality that you can enjoy in the next few years.

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